The film was fabulous, very profound and at the same time very entertaining. Amelia is waiting for her dream to come true for eighteen years, for herself; Navorski's dad was waiting for something he honored so much for his life; and here comes Navorski, who waits for making his father's left dream come true, for fulfilling his promise, for the woman he fell in love, in a "crack" between the US and his own country. 'The Terminal' has been given a very strong 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 encode that presents the film in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have made, in "The Terminal," a sweet and delicate comedy, a film to make you hold your breath, it is so precisely devised. This review contains spoilers for the entirety of Terminal Punks #1 (which is strongly recommended) as well as minor spoilers for Terminal Punks #2.. It doesn't get into any deep discussion on the human condition but it still manages to show how love can break the barriers of language and regionalism to bond people so strongly. Spielberg gives a detailed feel to airport operations. Frank Dixon (Stanley Tucci), the bureaucratic administrator of the airport, who rules by the book and does not show any compassion for people, leaves Viktor, who does not speak English, in the international lounge of the airport with a problem without solution. Sympathy comes during watching. It's a true heart-felt piece of work. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Terminal at All of these things play out wonderfully, and though I was a bit disappointed with one part of the end, I highly enjoyed it. Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) has just arrived from Krakozhia in JFK Airport, when there is a coup in his small eastern country, with the revolutionary forces taking the government by force. By the way, the art direction/set decoration is amazing as everything within the titled location was built from scratch in a studio. Many of the good things from that script are also presented here in diverse and creative ways. Tom Hanks is excellent as usual and the beauty of Catherine Zeta-Jones is still very impressive. Although I should not have been surprised, Spielberg and Hanks, had greatness written all over it. Rule of Viktor is the best and Tom Hanks did it very well. Chi McBride plays a security guard who sympathizes with Hanks. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets The terminal is filled with other characters Navorski gets to know, such as Amelia the flight attendant (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who is having an affair with a married man and finds she can open her heart to this strange, simple man. While stuck, Hanks sees more of America than he could have ever imagined. Review for The Terminal (2004) Starring: Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana, Stanley Tucci. Movie Review. Hanks is in the U.S. for a mysterious reason and that reason becomes the hook in this wonderful picture. The movie is about a man who upon arriving in the United States becomes stateless because his nation has fallen in a coup. That's what The Terminal goes for. Although Navorski knew that he will cause himself a lot of troubles by helping the Russian guy that he hadn't known, he lied to save him. It is crucial, perhaps, they they're so successful as to be unassailable, which allows them to relax and take their time on a production that was burning dollars every second. A movie about characters, not plot. Delightful Fable About a Patient Man Who Is Trapped by the Bureaucracy in the International Lounge of JFK. Not one viewer in 100 will guess this is not a real airline terminal. About emotion, not CGI. "Not afraid," he says simply. It has big laughs, but it never seems to make an effort for them; it knows exactly, minutely and in every detail who its hero is and remains absolutely consistent to what he believes and how he behaves. Spielberg should be ashamed. immigrant Victor Narvorski (Tom Hanks) whose home country – the fictional land of Krakozhia (think Russia or Czechoslovakia) – is torn apart in war while he is in a plane headed for New York. Spielberg, his actors and writers (Sacha Gervasi and Jeff Nathanson) weave it into a human comedy that is gentle and true, that creates sympathy for all of its characters, that finds a tone that will carry them through, that made me unreasonably happy. I couldn't stop laughing, while he was almost crying. Rated the #235 best film of 2004. ‘Terminal’ Movie Review: Come Back, ‘Suicide Squad,’ All Is Forgiven The title of this wretched Tarantino-meets-Blade-Runner noir rip-off doubles as a diagnosis Navorski is a man unlike any Dixon has ever encountered -- a man who is exactly who he seems to be and claims to be. Also Hanks meets an elderly Indian janitor (Kumar Pallana) who has been in the states for decades, but the reason he is there also becomes a key point. He is an amazing character actor and in The Terminal he again creates a character who is instantly embraceable. Metacritic Reviews. Here’s where it is and how to survive the hordes of mutants He won't even lie when Dixon offers him political asylum. The hero is named Viktor Navorski. However he constantly has trouble with airport supervisor Stanley Tucci (in a perfect role). "This is the only fun I have," he says. I heard that an equivalent event would have happened indeed in Paris, but there is no reference on the DVD, and the writer takes the credits for the idea of this theme. Stranded at Kennedy Airport with a passport from nowhere, he is unauthorized to actually enter the United States and must improvise his days and nights in the terminal's international transit lounge, until the war at home is over. The idea of filming an entire film at an airport, the simplicity of the protagonist superbly played by Tom Hanks and the brilliant direction by Steven Spielberg makes The Terminal one of the finest movies made so far. "Why doesn't he escape?" A Russian man has medicine he needs to take to his dying father, but Dixon says it must stay in the United States. Agreeable comedy with an awesome Tom Hanks stranded in the airport. One negative aspect of the film is the littering of product advertisements in nearly every scene. And then I realized that he saw himself in Tom Hanks character. He has no guile, no hidden motives, no suspicion of others. | Dixon thinks that Narvorski will ignore him, escape into New York and 'become someone else's problem'. Instead of reaching for new heights of film-making like including the latest in special effects, or new original ways of storytelling and editing, Spielberg goes back to a simpler form. "The Terminal" doesn't have a plot; it tells a story. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Genres: Comedy, Drama. Based on the true story of Viktor Navorski (Hanks;in his impressive role as an illegal alien) who gets stuck in an airport in New York and can't risk to step a foot out in N.Y without being arrested. Not according to the box office, it's not. "But aren't you afraid of something?" To be quite frank, the Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel at Arlanda Airport Sky City is a standard airport hotel. He didn't show any compassion, humanity or understanding, but only the stupid regulations were important. While there he be-friends a flight attendant Amelie Warren (the beautiful Zeta-Jones) who he happens to have his eye on. By Total Film 03 September 2004. The Terminal is released at a time when American airports are so security conscious that they resemble military zones. External Reviews I think it’s fair to preface my 3 star review of Jack Carr’s debut novel “The Terminal List,” by revealing I read almost exclusively, millitary/spy thrillers and shooters. That's why he decided to leave the USA without getting in New York and carry out his mission, just because he could put his friends in danger. Others might have heard the clock ticking, and rushed or pushed, or turned up the heat by making the Dixon character into more of a villain and less of a character study. Why he did that, this is something that Americans will never understand. "He's found out about the quarters," he says one day, staring grimly at a surveillance monitor. I think that this is tremendous story equally interesting for the Eastern Europeans and the rest of the world, but I'm sure that both sides look at the movie from different point of view. While all this goes on, Hanks falls in love with 30-something flight attendant Catherine Zeta-Jones (perfectly illuminating and beautiful as usual). A military coup in the Eastern European republic of Krakozhia creates a strange bureaucratic paradox when one of its citizens, a Mr Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) arrives at JFK airport for a visit to New York. Much love. Directed by: Steven Spielberg. The Terminal Cert 12A Peter Bradshaw Friday 3 September 2004 The Guardian. Navorski is returning luggage carts to the racks to collect the refund, and spending his profits on food. THE TERMINAL, 東京都 渋谷区. The solution is built with developers in mind, as it is necessary to use a software development kit (SDK) and application program interfaces (APIs) to integrate the terminal with your own web app or mobile app, or compatible point of sale (POS) software. Of particular note is Stanley Tucci’s performance as Frank Dixon, a stock authority figure fascist in Capra mode who never becomes the cartoon his character conception threatens. The personal prosperity, success and wealth should not make you selfish and blind. An Eastern European (Tom Hanks) from a fictional country literally gets stuck at JFK Airport in New York after his landing coincides with the point at which a war causes his nation to no longer exist. Bravo on Hanks and Spielberg's part. Dixon the customs official (Stanley Tucci) tells him he is free to remain in the International Arrivals Lounge, but forbidden to step foot on American soil. Filmmakers try so hard to be inventive and change the typical form of the classics, that when someone finally does go back to that Capra or Wilder fashion, it ends up seeming original. Anyway, I have now watched it and I liked it. When he lands JFK airport head Frank Dixon (Stanley Tucci) tells him that since he literally doesn't have a country he must stay in the airport terminal until all the hoopla settles. It seems more fitting in a September or October slot, away from the summer clutter. Review the Terminal Course Objectives, accessed by clicking on the “Course Information” tab at the top of your screen, scrolling down to the Course Objectives, and then selecting “View class objectives.” How will accomplishing these objectives support your success in management? THE TERMINAL isn't really a movie about one thing. Oh dear. And a food services employ (Diego Luna), who is in love with an INS official (Zoe Saldana) and uses Navorski as his go-between. Tom plays a very naive and yet kind hearted guy name Viktor Navorski who can't leave the airport terminal because of certain circumstances. The different scenarios come together in a delightful manner and that is what this film is, it's delightful and entertaining. The man goes berserk, a hostage situation threatens, but Navorski defuses the situation and finds a solution that would have pleased Solomon. September 2004. Incredibly funny and cute, The Terminal features a great performance by Tom Hanks that really exceeds the overall quality of the film. | Film Review of The Terminal After spending the last few years with hard-edged sci-fi and character dramas (Such as A.I and catch me if you can) Steven Spielberg returns to the warmer side of life with "The Terminal." From top to bottom, "The Terminal" flies high. That is very hard to do. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a stewardess down in relationships yet she finds friendship and freedom with this peculiar foreign fellow. The Terminal is a 2004 comedy-drama film produced and written by Andrew Niccol and Sacha Gervasi. He goes by the rules, but he has no great love of the rules. A triumphant Hanks and Spielberg movie, they do it again! Dixon asks his underlings, as Navorski stands next to an open door that Dixon has deliberately left unguarded. The Terminal is a 2004 American comedy-drama film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. He didn't try to make even one step to find a better solution of the problem. He gets laughs, but his acting and the writing are so good, they seem to evolve naturally. Comments; Shares. The screenplay also sidesteps various hazards that a lesser effort would have fallen to, such as a phony crisis or some kind of big action climax. As Navorski lingers day after day in the arrivals lounge, Dixon's impatience grows. Tom Hanks is superb as someone out of his element yet adapts when all else fails. Lovely and well worth sharing with your family. He has slipped through a perfect logical loophole. The film begins with a cool look (green and blue), because Spielberg doesn't think of Immigration as a warm place to be for the few minutes it takes to clear a passenger and get him on his way… So all the cool tones are evident until Viktor starts to settle into his new home… He is going to be stuck in New York's JFK airport for an unspecified amount of time… From this moment we see Viktor stuck, trapped, unable to enter United States and that's the fun of this film. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Dixon's plan is to pass Navorski on to another jurisdiction: "You catch a small fish and unhook him very carefully. Viktor Navorski is a visitor to New York from Eastern Europe. Most of this movie was shot on a set, a vast construction by production designer Alex McDowell. The Terminal Review. Score: 8 ½ / 10. And is the one that gives Navorski the most difficult time but without him there wouldn't be this story. And Stanli Tucci put on a believable performance and fit the mood of this movie well. My vote is eight. As excellent as he is as the humble tourist rendered stateless by a bureaucratic glitch, Tom Hanks is not the star of The Terminal. In Terminal Punks #2 by Matthew Erman, Shelby Criswell, and Micah Myers, the comic digs into the groundwork laid by the first issue to explore and expand the dynamics between the band members as they are unwittingly preyed upon by … The fact that Navorski speak in Bulgarian, even enhanced the feeling. The Terminal is an incredible fairy tale of a movie-it's quietly captivating, rich in interesting colorful characters and superbly acted and directed. In Eastern Europe, the people are not always kind and polite, but most of the time, they are sincere, real friends and help each other without looking for any kind of benefits. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. They keep their promises and will never betrayed their friends. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I liked this film very much. Veteran American filmmaker Steven Spielberg returns to our screens with 'The Terminal'; Tom Hanks stars as a traveller from Eastern Europe who is stranded inside a JFK airport terminal when his country suffers a bloody coup d'état. I'm 23 years old Bulgarian and when I was watching the movie with my father, we had completely different reaction. Very heartwarming story that will be actual any time. Overall this is a movie that adults and kids can enjoy. FAQ His homeland erupts in a fiery coup, while he is in the air en route to America. The movie deals about Viktor(Tom Hanks) is an Eastern European traveller converts a resident of N.Y. airport terminal when occurs a coup state in his country.The war breaks out and is denied entrance to the United States .The Security chief(Stanley Tucci) says him that he has to remain the terminal until his situation can be modified.Meanwhile he has many trouble,he doesn't speak the language so nobody can talk to him .But he makes friends and falls in love with an alluring flight attendant(Catherine Zeta Jones). Open your eyes, look around you and think what would it be, if all these people were your friends instead of your rivals or foes. But Spielberg, despite the film's potentially discomforting connotations, … Spielberg was not allowed to film any airports due to obvious security reasons. The Terminal 2 out of 5 stars. Director Steven Spielberg has never really been known for romantic pictures ("Always" in 1989 is an exception), but he proves that he can definitely handle a production like this. As the weeks and months stretch on, Viktor finds the compressed universe of the terminal to be a richly complex world of absurdity, generosity, ambition, amusement, status, serendipity--and even romance with a beautiful flight attendant named Amelia. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. Tom Hanks plays Viktor Navorski, a traveler from a fictitious Eastern European country who spends a year stranded in the International Arrivals Terminal at Kennedy Airport. for brief language and drug references, I Would Like to Introduce the 101-Year-Old Woman to the 102-Year-Old Man, 9 More Dazzling Favorite Movies and Reviews from 2020, 19 Dazzling Favorite Movies and Reviews from 2020, Bridgerton is a Scintillating, But Somewhat Shallow, Regency Fantasy, The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone. Has Heart and Laughs but I've come to Expect more from Spielberg and Hanks. Another excellent work of the duo Spielberg / Hanks. I wonder, oh I wonder, despite the intention to present the original true story that happened in France long time ago, how come You Mr. Spielberg have spent so much money on screen-playing this story and you didn't pay attention that this movie will be distributed all around the globe, how come that You didn't pay attention on the non-English languages that are spoken in the movie. Because of this I think The Terminal List starts off at a small disadvantage, being that there are very few, if … *** Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stanley Tucci, Chi McBride, Diego Luna, Kumar Pallana. He plays his entire role with an accent of varying degrees of impenetrability, and it never seems like a comic turn or a gimmick, and he never seems to be doing it to get a laugh. He isn't going anywhere. 'The Terminal' is a charming adaptation of a true story about a foreign civilian stuck in an American airport terminal lounge after his country faces war. Rated PG-13 He has arrived in a vast American airport just as his nation, Krakozia, has fallen in a coup. Merhan Karimi Nasseri has spent 16 years living in Charles de Gaulle airport. The Terminal review. I have to say it is a great one that first shows the meaning and beauty in our life about waiting and promise. It showcases another one of Tom Hanks best perfomances and his third collaboration with Spielberg. And Gupta the janitor (Kumar Pallanatucci), who leaves the floor wet and watches as passengers ignore the little yellow warning pyramids and slip and fall. Yeah, it might be unrealistic and cheesy at times but it's still a great movie and pleasant to watch. Tom Hanks does something here that many actors have tried to do, and failed. 'The Terminal' is an entertaining comedy-drama that explores humanity and sentimentality, a spectacular flick from Spielberg and Hanks. The comedic moments in this movie really works and is a film the whole family can enjoy. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have made, in "The Terminal," a sweet and delicate comedy, a film to make you hold your breath, it is so precisely devised. On the other hand, the typical American behavior is also very well present. When he caught the Russian guy with the pills. These friends and others have secret social lives in the terminal, feasting on airline food, playing poker. He trusts. WORK+STUDY+EAT+DRINK+PLAY When war breaks out in his country an Eastern European citizen becomes stranded in a New York airport unable to leave. Tom Hanks did an excellent job, because he managed to show the world, how all Eastern Europeans over 50's feel when they go in United States. Just like Viktor Navorski. A well written,well portrayed entertainer that will win your heart!!!! Spielberg and Hanks like to work together ("Saving Private Ryan," "Catch Me If You Can"), and here they trust each other with tricky material. User Ratings A Feel-Good Dramedy That Explores Humanity, I can't believe I missed out on the film when it came out, Waiting can be exciting… It can be also entertaining. Sometimes the rules are cruel, but he takes no joy in the cruelty. Like Secret Window was a gallery of Johnny Depp’s acting skills, The Terminal is the Tom Hanks show. The longer he lives in the terminal, the more control he exerts over his environment (a microcosm of melting-pot America). The thing that makes this film worth watching are the excellent performances from the amiable cast and the sympathetic direction from Spielberg. Tom Hanks as Victor Navorsky is quite simply entrancing to watch. Runway worker Diego Luna makes a deal with Hanks so he can learn about passport officer Zoe Saldana (a woman who Luna has loved from afar) via Hanks' attempts to have his passport accepted. Awards The man who lost his past. Therefore his passport and visa are worthless, his country no longer exists, and he cannot go forward or go back. I've seen some really good movies in 2004 but so far, this maybe the best. He understands little English but makes the best of his situation. The cast is excellent with Hanks making all those around him better. Dixon wants Navorski out of the terminal because, well, he can't live there forever, but he shows every indication of being prepared to. Hanks and Spielberg do it again-another winner! The Terminal. A crowd-pleasing and entertaining film about humanity and heart with excellent performances and competent directing from Spielberg. 2.6K likes. Stanley Tucci plays an airport commissioner who tries to maintain order yet ultimately must face the fact that his terminal sleepover guest is not quite the hindrance he at first thought. Thus his paperwork and passport are no good. The thing I liked the most, is that with Victor Navorski, is shown the typical for Eastern Europe compassion, understanding, inventiveness, integrity, frank communication and simply to be friendly. He shifts through disjointed moments yet performs with appeal. The camera of the great Janusz Kaminski can go anywhere it wants, can track and crane and pivot, and everything is real. It has another inspiration, the work of the French actor-filmmaker Jacques Tati. The Terminal. Really, this movie should probably be rated PG. I think that the conclusion is that we should make, is to look more like Navorski , to be honest, real, true friends, to help each other and care a bit more about the others people's feelings, to show some more mercy and compassion. In "The Terminal," Viktor Navorski's unintended victim is Dixon, the customs and immigrations official, played by Stanley Tucci with an intriguing balance between rigidity and curiosity. 4.5 out of 5 stars. I'll give you mine. The terminal is one of the most impressive movie that I've watched. But I got suckered into a lot of the bad press around the film and suppose I judged it before I had watched it. … Every next minute you start better understand what main hero doing and for what. "The Terminal" is a delightful and uncommon fable about a patient man who is trapped by the bureaucracy in the international lounge of JFK. It's about money, isn't it? "The Terminal" is like a sunny Kakfa story, in which it is the citizen who persecutes the bureaucracy. This marks the third collaboration between director and star, after previously helming Saving Private Ryan and Catch Me If You Can. Sometimes You Find Good Things in the Most Unlikely Places. It has big laughs, but it never seems to make an effort for them; it knows exactly, minutely and in every detail who its hero is and remains absolutely consistent to what he believes and how he behaves. The Terminal is a good movie with a well developed storyline and a great cast.I have certainly come to expect better from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks,both easily some of the most talented men in Hollywood,and if their previous work together (Saving Private Ryan and Catch Me If You Can) is any indication,this movie should have been a classic,and I understand that they were taking a risk and were doing a very unique movie,it just didn't turn out as well as it could have.Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones scenes together are certainly the movies highlights,there is great chemistry between them and seeing Tom Hanks deliver one of his most unique performances was fun to watch.I felt the movie could have been better with a funnier script,it had many funny parts,but for a film that is considered a comedy,it is very dramatic.Nothing outstanding but still an enjoyable two hours,I would recommend the Terminal if you ever see it on television and are looking for a decent comedy or drama,but don't go out of your way to see it. Spielberg gives Hanks the time and space to develop elaborate situations like those Tati was always getting himself into, situations where the lives of those around him became baffling because of Tati's own profound simplicity. While patiently living in Gate 67 for a long period, Viktor survives, learns English by himself, makes new friends among the employees of the airport and falls in love for Amelia Warren (Catherine Zeta-Jones). After watching some of the behind the scenes as well, I was amazed at how the crew had built a full-size replica airport in a hangar in LA complete with working escalators, the attention to detail is astounding, and this makes the film that much more worth sitting through. One of many films undervalued by the Academy. The Terminal; is a very heartwarming, cleverly written and interesting film for everyone to watch. Dixon could arrest Navorski unfairly, but refuses to: "He has to break the law." Tom Hanks Russian accent seems forced in the beginning but I quickly got use to it and seemed natural afterwards. Although based on what could have been a poignant story of a man without a country trapped in an airport by faceless bureaucracy, instead we get a movie with all the character depth of a police academy movie. The security chief was always falsely smiling and polite, but in fact, he was cruel, heartless and the only thing he was caring about is how to get rid of him. Starring: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Hanks. I liked all of the people and all of the situations. I suppose that Spielberg felt that he would be successful in going for cheap laughs by creating this obscene American representation of a foreigner and I am sure that he did succeed with many people. The plot, as everyone already knows, is about Krakozhian (sp?) This story was co-written by Andrew Niccol (even though he strangely did not pen the final script), an under-rated screenwriter who struck gold in 1998 with "The Truman Show". Definitely recommended to watch. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, two of the biggest names in Hollywood, two people who could literally make any film they wanted to, and instead they settle on a feel-good dramedy... good thinking Steven. He did the same thing in "Forrest Gump," and Navorski is another character that audiences will, yes, actually love. It's a fish-out-of-water comedy, a romance, a quirky character study, and an inspiring fable. Structure is sometimes disjointed but surprises when the mystery is revealed regarding the peanut can he possesses. Catherine Zeta-Jones co-stars. In fact it sorted reminded me of "Forrest Gump" except it takes place in a terminal. The Terminal is an incredible fairy tale of a movie-it's quietly captivating, rich in interesting colorful characters and superbly acted and directed. Their film has all the time in the world. Yes, The Terminal is funny, romantic and sentimental, but inside Spielberg’s purpose-built airport lounge, an open-plan cathedral of endless flux, he’s channelling both Capra and Kafka. The Terminal is a lightweight movie. Parents need to know that this movie's PG-13 rating comes from brief strong language. The Terminal is a gentle film, and oftentimes hilarious.