… Dark Brown Mulch is produced from clean lumber that our facility recycles. In regions with hot, humid summers, in particular, many prefer the cooler look of dark-brown mulch. Save by buying mulch in bulk! (12 scoop maximum per delivery). The cocoa bean shells retain water to keep your plants moist longer, but it never gets soggy—no matter the weather. Looking for mulch but need more than 17 yards or looking for a delivery in Washington, DC? Shredded mulch sort of resembles thin strips of shredded meat. A bag of the exact same product, but dyed black, costs the exact same price. PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DELIVERY FEE. Uses: Use to beautify your landscape! Karri & Peat Mulch Premium mulch containing karri bark and screened peat. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Marri Woodchip Red gum woodchips in a reddish brown colour suitable for almost every situation . The popular dessert not only makes for some amazing mulch, but its rich brown color looks great when used to style your lawn. All rubber mulch is made from processed tires, so in that sense, no, all rubber mulch is the same. Product Title Timberline All Natural Brown Pine Bark Mulch, 2 Cubic Foot. Dyed red cypress mulch. Brown mulch. Pieces Brown/Red in color. Dark brown in colour. Dark Brown Dyed Mulch $ 27.00. Uluru Red Cypress Mulch. Please select delivery option below. Product Image. There are time to use cedar much, and other times to avoid it. I put one of the 3 cubic foot bags on a scale once and it weighed 70 pounds! Next. 4. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Related. Minimum Order 5 yards. The dye used to color the mulch offers UV protection to the soil. Deter white ants & termites. Current Price $53.44 $ 53. How many square feet will one bag of this mulch cover? If you don’t like the hay-look of the mulch made from pine straw, then you will probably adore the appearance of this mulch. 34. Some customers like the lighter colored mulches so I use cedar for that and instead of the brown dyed mulch I try to talk folks into the hardwood bark mulch. Sold and priced by the cubic yard. Read on to learn about both. Why: It will look fresh for a year. The product, which is 11/2” x 1/2”, is easy to apply and does not generate nearly as much dust as other brands. Here is depending of the depth the coverage of 1 bag of 2 CF 8 sq. Check out our range of Mulch products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Designer Shades mulch is produced using premium hardwood mulch and recycled materials. Dark coloured cypress mulch. This mulch has a really nice and natural brown-dark color which blends exceptionally with the landscape. 5.00. It also has the finest shred on the market with no yard waste or manure fillers. Double-shredded hardwood Dyed dark brown. Dark Brown Dyed Mulch is available for pick-up at the following locations: Kuert Supply Center; Kuert Outdoor Living; Delivery is available from Kuert Supply Center in South Bend and Kuert Outdoor Living in Goshen – please call (574)239-0058 to schedule from South Bend or (574)312-7557 from Goshen. Mushroom Compost Certified Organic. Carbon Black Cypress Mulch. Use for general landscaping, weed control, and erosion control. It's a medium-dark, reddish-toned brown with a golden sheen and warm undertones. Category Mulch. Deter white ants & termites. When you dye the mulch, what it does is make your garden aesthetically appealing. SOLD + PRICED BY THE CUBIC YARD FOR ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS, PLEASE VISIT OUR FAQS PAGE. Minimum order of 6 bags Each bag contains 2 cubic feet of Dark Brown Mulch – A mix of hardwood and softwood All varieties are made using an upswing rotor in the machines which produces a stringier product that helps keep the mulch from floating away during heavy rainstorms once its placed in a landscape setting. Most colored mulches are dyed with harmless dyes, like iron oxide-based dyes for red or carbon-based dyes for black and dark brown. Dark Brown Mulch: $2 – $10 per bag: Cedar Mulch: $3 – $10 per bag: Pine Mulch: $2 – $5 per bag: Rubber Mulch: $7 – $15 per bag: Purple Mulch: $4 – $10 per bag: Return to Top. MulchWorx Brown Mulch Color Concentrate - 2,800 Sq. You’ll fall in love with CedarCide Cedar Mulch Granules. 2 - 4” Pine Bark. Brown mulch is a nice touch to any lawn and garden, and its natural color makes both light and darker-colored plants appear vibrant when paired together. Verdict: The Dorian Gray of mulch. Delivery is $30 within the delivery zone with a 5 scoop minimum. Many companies offer mulch in various colors, all for the same price.
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