Talk about a surprise. This was one of the few flavors that really didn't feel like an indulgence. 7. Again, Candy Bar was not a big hit with our team. That’s chocolate mocha chip for you: a mousse-like chocolate base churned with bitter espresso and bits of chocolate. Hold the dairy, not the flavor. But how does Halo Top really stack up? The Keto series has anywhere from 5-10 grams of net carbs per pint. The vanilla-based ice cream is speckled with bits of cinnamon, but what kills it for me are the whole oats folded into the ice cream. This seasonal flavor brought the staff a lot of joy. According to Influensters, Halo Top Ice Cream is what's up! Hey guys! The flavor is robustly peppermint -- but most importantly not horribly similar to your toothpaste -- and it feels and tastes so much like a fully sugar-drenched version that while you’re shoving spoonful after spoonful of it into your mouth you’ll question how the whole pint is only 320 calories. It's fantastic; need I say more? Maybe it's the lack of dairy that allowed SO MUCH CINNAMON to overpower everything else here, but there was just...a lot of cinnamon happening. Though the flavor was innocuous, it was so much so that there wasn't much to say about it. I have eaten most of the flavors and have listed my favorites below. Chocolate. We didn’t expect to love Black Cherry as much as we did, but it’s extraordinary. It isn’t overboard with the lemon flavor and has a nice smooth finish. The best of all Halo Top's Cinnamon Roll offerings. Oatmeal Cookie. Sure, that sounds nice in theory, but a bowl full of it is quite aggressive. Our New Cookie Tins Are The Sweetest Gift, You Can Buy Baby Yoda Macarons At Williams Sonoma, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. more than one person noted of the Lemon Cake flavor. Another flavor you'd think would be difficult to pull of without dairy, and yet..."Yeah, this tastes like Thin Mints.". "OMG, it's so heavy it hurts": The Chocolate Hazelnut Story. Candy Bar. Certainly, but at a cost: It’s far too easy to eat it straight from the pint, only to look down and discover the spoon has scraped the cardboard bottom. Strawberry. With peach puree concentrate and (a few) peach pieces scattered throughout, this base is really vibrant, flavorful, and refreshing. Cookies & Cream. Review starts at 5:18 of the new @halotopcreamery ice cream flavors, releasing today! Nothing inherently bad, just a bit odd. "Yum.". Another perfectly nice flavor that was enjoyed but not raved about. Strawberry was thiiisclose to taking the second—or even first—slot as everyone who tried it loved it. "I love love looove a mint that's not too minty" was what people mostly took away from this. That said, this tasted like quality red velvet, whereas the gingerbread didn't feel all that gingerbread-like. This one was the most chocolatey of the new flavors … I came in with high hopes for the Candy Bar Halo Top and I wasn’t disappointed. Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup. Pistachio Here's the scoop (lol) and the definitive ranking of the Halo Top ice cream flavors from eh to YASSS. I thought it would be sherbet (which I love), but it tasted like … Without further ado, 24 Halo Top flavors ranked from GROSS to FORGETTABLE to BEST: RAINBOW SWIRL. Even if you’re not an oatmeal cookie fan, you’ll love this ice cream. Is it a good or bad thing (or maybe you don’t care) that all of Halo Top’s coffee flavors seem to suspiciously reek of Starbucks Frappuccinos? Caramel Macchiato. Chocolate Almond Crunch All 46 Of Halo Top's Flavors, Ranked 46 Rainbow Swirl. Hands down the best new flavor in Halo Top's repertoire, this knockout pint is even better than a Snickers... 3. But here’s the thing about chocolate almond crunch: It smells and tastes so much like marzipan drenched in some potent AF almond extract that whatever chocolate flavor used to be there is now firmly cloaked by faux almond. Ah, don’t you wish everything s’mores-flavored burst with that marvelously burnt and smoky punch? I decided to skip the plain chocolate and vanilla flavor because those just can’t win a taste test on different flavors. The overpowering banana flavor here confused a lot of people, especially because its dairy-free counterpart was one of our favs. OK, but where are the cookies? The Ultimate Ranking Of Halo Top Flavors 1. It’s the kind of ice cream that doesn’t leave you feeling disgustingly ill after consuming only a handful of licks. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. At least it's edible, right? Candy Bar. Then we noticed it tasted delicious and decided to sell our ice cream. "Not enough oatmeal flakes here," one oatmeal-loving staffer mentioned. This pretty much felt like eating straight syrup. From another: "A+ PB-TO-JELLY RATIO." Perhaps most importantly, though, is Halo Top’s willingness to channel the visceral nostalgia of a youthful, fast metabolism: days spent scraping raw cookie dough from the depths of a mixing bowl and licking drippy, cookie dough-studded cones plopped precariously atop cake cones. We don't need to get into the gritty details—though the... 44 Candy Bar (Dairy-Free). We tried all 17 Halo Top flavors — here's our ranking 1. The main takeaway of the Caramel Macchiato flavor was its "chalkiness." Remember your first sip of coffee, one heavily laced with chocolate and at the minimum three sugar packets so you could more easily choke it down? And who doesn't love a good frozen pint of childhood? Maybe it's because we've shifted our brains from Christmas flavors to Valentine's Day ones, but this pint missed the mark, in our opinion. Most have chunks of fruit, chocolate, or other flavor-relevant bits sprinkled within, an appreciated touch that helps the dessert stand out. Nonetheless, I have agreed to remain unwaveringly unbiased in this Very Important line of duty when it comes to the rest of Halo Top’s nut flavors. Well, meet Halo Top’s verifiable palate cleansing pint: pistachio. But Halo Top Peaches & Cream is by far their best fruity flavor, and manages to best even some of the more complex, decadent dessert ones. So rich! If you’re in search of a tart, overly lemony ice cream, I’ll spare you a trip to the grocery store. West Chester University. There’s plenty of cream, for sure, but the cookies? Once upon a time Gogurt was all the rage. Really nice blend of nutty, chocolatey flavor with a satisfying texture. in actual dessert form. People much preferred this maple-heavy flavor to every variation of Pancakes & Waffles. Which just leaves us at & cream. . It's great.". THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED! S'mores. Chocolate. This flavor tasted exactly like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, which we... 3. Will it satisfy your chocolate cravings? But this version felt a little bit too salty and not enough sweet. The mint here is delightfully not that fake green color, but more of an off-white cream, punctured only by a slew of mini chocolate chips scattered throughout the carton. Strawberry is a classic and Halo Top did a really good job of getting that flavor. What's the scoop? Why the two felt similar, no one could really identify. From one Delish peanut butter freak: "FAVORITE THING OF LIFE." "Would eat this every day of my life," one coworker exclaimed. People came out hard for this classic combo: "Who wouldn't want to eat this? For as much as people were not into Gingerbread House, they were very much into Red Velvet. Aside from the fact that Halo Top is a bit sweeter than premium ice cream, I like it as much. Lest you begin worrying about how long it'll take you to cycle through all of them and find your favorite, we went ahead and tried them all for you. has dreamt of sitting down and eating a whole cake in one sitting. The S'mores pint was creamy, but not so much so that it felt heavy in the way s'mores tend to. At least it's edible, right? Rating: 4.5 spoons 3. Just barely sliding ahead of Chocolate Mocha Chip is the regular Chocolate Halo Top. No one loved it. You know your girl LOVES Halo Top ice cream so I had to test the 10 new flavors! You don’t have to worry about unexpected, flying spurts of yogurt staining your clothes. Halo Top just released seven keto-friendly ice cream flavors. Comments on Halo Top's version ranged from "weird aftertaste" to "it's floral?" "I want to top all kinds of pie with this stuff," was a good way of putting it. © Photo Courtesy of Halo Top Halo Top Pops Halo Top Pops are made with creamy, ultra-filtered skim milk and offer a good source of protein … And, each scoop is a good source of protein. That's a big difference. While the newest, seasonal flavor seemingly harks back to summers spent spooning burst blueberries piled with sugary dough clusters, this pint results in that rather thick, blueberry yogurt-like taste. June 17, 2018 by … 1. Then we named it Halo Top. 19 Halo Top Flavors, Ranked 1. 13 Halo Top Ice Cream Flavors, Ranked BRING BACK THE BREAKFAST FLAVORS!!!! 3. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. "This is refreshing!" We don't need to get into the gritty details—though the word "gritty" was mentioned quite a few times in passing. 19th: Lemon Cake (3.22 stars) / "Just OK." 18th: Pistachio (3.25 stars) / "Very creamy, sweet . Like, to-the-point-of-no-return rich. This low-calorie, high-protein, low-sugar, all-natural ice cream brand is known for never lacking in the flavor department while being a better alternative to traditional ice cream.. Thousands of Influensters have given Halo Top the nod — be sure to try these Influenster favorite flavors! A typically divisive flavor, it's not surprising Mochi Green Tea ended up toward the bottom of this list. Here's where the raving began. … DRUM ROLL PLEASE…….Peanut Butter Cup takes the gold medal in the Halo Top Flavor Olympics! No matter the time of year, we're here for crumbly pie bits mixed into spiced ice cream. Peanut Butter Cup. This dairy-free flavor reminded us of banana Laffy Taffys and, therefore, of childhood. This... 2. This take on chocolate ice cream is all the things you'd hope and expect a good one to be: rich, complex, and sweet on the finish. Nothing ground-breaking, but a pleasant eating experience, for sure. We decided to make Halo Top so we could enjoy ice cream as regular part of our diets, starting from 320 calories per tub. It was one of the OG flavors, and the base literally tastes like cake batter so you can FEEL like you’re being bad and licking the bowl of a freshly baked cake when rly you’re sitting in sweatpants and sadly eating a pint of diet ice cream alone LOL! Don't worry, I’m still cradling the pint, fishing out those brownie pieces and watching my tongue turn cherry red. This was a fave all around, with a crisp and cool mint flavor and perfect amount of chocolatey flakes and... 2. "It's sweet and fine," another said. "Meh," one editor wrote. halo top. Peanut butter cup. You go into a taste test thinking you know what Cookies & Cream tastes like...until now. This is exactly like peanut butter -- except an ice cream version tossed with massive clusters of peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter cups. We may earn commission from the links on this page. They appear to be a knock off of Halo Top. Ever since Halo Top unleashed a roster of low-calorie ice cream packed in colorfully stylized pints, hordes of millennials -- we’re talking those tear-stricken, newly single millennials and dieters in search of non-chalky ice cream supplements -- could pull one or two (or several) pints from the freezer and polish off an entire carton. Lots to like about this flavor: "Equal parts chocolate, almond, and crunch," one person succinctly explained. If you were one of those children, here’s that same exact flavor, finally (!) Halo Top: We Ate (& Ranked) All The Flavors So You Don’t Have To 1. Black Cherry. By replacing some sugar with organic sweeteners such as stevia, Halo Top offers over 20 delicious flavors, many falling under 300 calories a pint. Again, nothing to complain about here: We'll take sea salt caramel ice cream over no sea salt caramel ice cream any day. If you are looking for a flavor that is light and refreshing, Lemon Cake will do just the trick! Everyone liked vanilla bean. While the team is almost always down for a good dose of sugar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was a two-bites-and-you're-done type of deal. The Halo Top Gingerbread flavor “is filled with ginger cookie pieces and creamy icing.” Like the other Halo Top flavors, it has fewer calories and less sugar than regular ice cream. As the resident, self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur, it seemed only fitting that I sample each flavor. This flavor felt "luxurious"—a true cake-like experience, from start to finish. Between the rounds of soft cookie dough and liberal peppering of chocolate chips,... 2. This version does not (where are the graham crackers?!) Birthday Cake. It should come as no surprise that Red Velvet, chocolate cake’s beet-tinged cousin, is wonderfully packaged into a strikingly blood-red ice cream form, one peppered with hunks of brownies. However, upon tasting this flavor, symptoms may include systematically slipping back into your 10-year-old Ugg boots. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Here’s the innocuous vanilla -- one that’s not too vanilla, dare I say. Fruity flavors is where Halo Top T-H-R-I-V-E-S, we realized pretty quickly. … The flavor was nice, the texture was solid, but it left you with a lot of chewing to do. We’ll go ahead and eat a ton. Is Starbucks Open On Christmas? So if you want that flavor, then buy this one! While people enjoyed the chunkiness the dough provided, they felt it hard to take more than a few bites of this flavor. Absolutely outstanding. There is a special spot in ice cream purgatory for this sin of Rainbow Swirl. Whatever that means. Between the rounds of soft cookie dough and liberal peppering of chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie dough is easily Halo Top’s best flavor. 20th: Peanut Butter Cup (3.2 stars) / "Tastes good, but where are the actual PB cups?" I eat Halo Top all the time. -- it’s mostly a creamy base that’s only somewhat reminiscent of marshmallow, plus a showering of petit chocolate chips (it’s really more like vanilla chocolate chip). It... 2. Try Halo Top's dairy-free & vegan flavors today! 886 Lauren Burkholder Halo Top is a low-fat/calorie and higher protein ice cream available in most grocery stores. Mint Chip. 20th: Peanut Butter Cup (3.2 stars) / "Tastes good, but where are the actual PB cups?" 19th: Lemon Cake (3.22 stars) / "Just OK." 18th: Pistachio (3.25 stars) / "Very creamy, sweet . ), you’d be remiss not to dive into this pint brimming with bits of salt and ribbons of sticky caramel. This one was only slightly upstaged by its dairy-containing companion. Halo Top’s New Flavor Tastes Exactly Like A PB&J, Halo Top's Releasing 7 New Ice Cream Flavors, Exclusive: Halo Top's Got A New Holiday Flavor, Halo Top's New Flavor Is So Perfect For Spring. Not only were people impressed by the amount of oatmeal flakes throughout, but they also thought the could down the pint in its entirety. After trying all 17 flavors, we can say we’re actually obsessed, though our … But there was one comment about it's "extremely sweet" flavor, so here we are at number 3. "Tastes like creamy coffee," an editor noted. Gingerbread House. 16. Enlightened tastes like it is made out of a mix of chemicals. The best part? They’re much too tough to munch on, especially because they’re uncooked, and a rather unwelcome surprise when you’re expecting something more similar to an actual oatmeal cookie. No one had anything but "yup, this is GOOD" to say about this flavor. You love ice cream too. Welcome back babes! It’s the simplest and classic flavors where Halo Top excels, and that’s the case for their chocolate, which leans closer to milk than dark and reminds me of licking a Fudgsicle, that light chocolate taste refreshing and cool as it slides down your throat. I suppose if you’re into slurping frothy, sugar-drenched coffee drinks tinged with caramel and crowned with pillows of whipped cream -- without all the added sugar -- then you’re golden with this flavor. While a lot of flavors' dairy-free counterparts ranked super high on this list, Candy Bar's was not one of them. Nowadays, as a jaded yogurt consumer, I can infer the point of creating strawberry Gogurt was so parents of vegetable- and fruit-hating children could convince their perturbed offspring that this tubular product was a supplement for Earth’s bounty -- as well as a dessert. The Halo Top section in my local store has been kind of sad and half-stocked for a while. Non-existent. Best and Worst Halo Top Flavors Just in Time For Summer: The Definitive Ranking of Halo Top Ice Cream, From Worst to Best. The takeaway from this pint is that low-cal ice cream does have the potential to be super rich. Candy Bar Halo Top- 360 calories per pint. The Answer Is... Disney's Festive Cookie Butter Milkshake Is Insane. Lemon Cake is simply a sweet, slightly lemon-like ice cream that’s more similar to vanilla than it is to lemon. To put that into perspective, our favorite ice cream has about 19 grams per pint. Now you can, in this sort of newfangled, less-caloric way: with a polka dot-pint and large spoon in hand. In fact, some people will … Nineteen pints and a frightening amount of spoons later, here’s how they each hold up: Now I know there are people out there who are firm believers that nuts are undeniably inseparable from ice cream (I hear you, Rocky Road people). Now, we understand that Halo Top is a healthy, low-cal ice cream substitute, but this flavor is lacking the richness and total indulgence that we need from chocolate, earning it a low spot on our ranking list. If you’ve never had Halo Top, here’s the 101: The company prides itself on producing low-sugar, protein-packed, and all-natural products, all under the premise that one pint merely boasts anywhere between 240 and 360 calories -- aka about one serving size of leading ice cream brands like Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s (although, let’s be honest, no one really adheres to those laughably small serving sizes). Pretty much everyone called it "yummy.". Halo Top is a type of ice cream sold mainly in the United States and Australia. We’ll keep it simple – we love ice cream. However, I am a firm believer that nuts should stay out of the business of ice cream. That’s not bad, necessarily (if you’re into that kind of thing), and the big hunks of pie dough swirled throughout certainly don’t hurt. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Halo Top Ice Cream. June 17, 2020 8:55PM. There are diehard fans of this Halo Top flavor, and for good reason. With flavors in a variety of traditional (strawberry, mint chip) and more creative (lemon cake, blueberry crumble) flavors, Halo Top is undeniably everywhere now, amassing adoring followers at every corner of the freezer aisle. 45 Candy Bar. This riff on a classic pastry was a lovely happy medium. Each pint has 20 grams of protein & only 280-380 calories. 17. In other words, this was THE BEST. It’s splattered with vanilla beans (a nice treat! Pistachio. About Halo Top. Fact: Earth’s greatest gift to humankind is definitively anything flecked with shards of sea salt. More on that later, though. It really was very light, fluffy, and nice. Oatmeal … … Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email, get Eatmail for more food coverage, and subscribe here for our YouTube channel to get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. Halo Top has an ever-growing roster of flavors, and I didn’t try every single one for this taste test. How can you say no to anything streaked with rainbow sprinkles? Mint Chip By that I mean this flavor was so light, it was hard to believe it was actual ice cream. . Again, Candy Bar was not a big hit with our team. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, All The Restaurants That Are Open On Christmas, All The Grocery Stores That Are Open On Christmas. They are also the base of many of these ice creams pints, so I figured they would get some kind of assessment anyway. Coming in at the top of all Halo Top flavors is the Birthday... 2. Carin ranked this one as her #1 of the new Halo Top flavors, and it was my #2 pick. Another baked good-type flavor, which not only tasted "summer-y," but it also felt really "comforting and happy," to one tester. Nothing but nice things to say here: The Delish team is all in on Black Cherry and its "very good cherry chunks.". And it should come as no surprise, then, that the whole pint boasts 360 calories -- the most caloric of Halo Top’s line. Another divisive flavor, but this one ended up near the top. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Do they have any exciting new flavors? In case you haven’t, Halo Top is a high-protein ice cream that promises to bring all your favourite things about regular ice cream without the guilt. The dairy-free Oatmeal Cookie flavor was an underdog from the start, but it quickly rose toward #1. Strawberry. It doesn’t taste like much, but you’re told it cleans your palate to prepare you for upcoming courses. But it would pair quite nicely scooped on top of an actual slice of lemon cake. Of all the low-calorie ice cream brands on the market, Halo Top is indisputably the most popular one—perhaps because they've got nearly 50 flavors from which you can choose from. The ice creams are high in protein and the calorie count ranges from 240 to 360 for the entire pint. As far as flavor, though? Halo Top Chocolate. Chocolate Almond Crunch. Like, super rich. Below are all the flavors I have tried. Tasting Notes: Halo Top’s seasonal flavor is exactly what you need to get into the fall spirit. Enjoy! Pretty good considering the whole dairy-free bit. 0. pancakerunner Member Posts: 4,683 Member Member Posts: 4,683 Member. All 24 Halo Top Flavors, Ranked by Taste 1. Lauren Burkholder. For everyone else who’s on the side of right (welcome! If you’re the monster who prefers to keep savory separated from sweet, thank you very much, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. Do you agree? Chocolate may seem like a pretty average flavor to top this ranking, but there was... 2. May 23, 2019. It's all up from here! While a lot of … The mint here is delightfully not that fake green color, but more of an off-white cream, punctured only by... 3. But then again, if it was littered with hunks of cookies, it surely wouldn’t be 280 calories. This flavor was subtly delicious—we could appreciate not being hit over the head with salt, but tasting just a little bit of it amongst the classic caramel-iness of it all. I did not think chocolate chip cookie dough would be as good as it was. Oatmeal Cookie almost feels too healthy… even for low-cal ice cream.
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