Did you directly slather it on your face or mixed it with water? Im gonna try this later tonight! That’s because they both occur as hormonal changes cause your body to produce more oil. They work because dandruff is caused by the same yeast. Selenium sulfide is the active ingredient in Selsun Blue Medicated Maximum Strength Dandruff Shampoo ($7). Yes! Lancer's Clarifying Detox Mask with … It can pop up in the same areas as traditional acne and seborrheic dermatitis and can even occur simultaneously. Fungal acne, or malassezia folliculitis, happens when there’s too much yeast on the skin and your pores become inflamed. Bacteria can enter the skin … So, are you simply supposed to swap out your face wash for a bottle of Head & Shoulders? I've read a lot of things here and around the web that H&S will get rid of fungal acne if used as a mask. There are also a ton of these DIY solutions out there for acne, like the ol' toothpaste on a pimple trick (which is terrible for your skin, by the way), including one that has the internet really buzzing—washing your face with dandruff shampoo. I wish a company would just go ahead and make a gentler face wash or mask with the active ingredients since they work so well for FA. Who should use it: Those dealing with fungal acne may want to consider trying this. Brand names for ketoconazole include Nizoral, Nizoral A-D, Ketodan, Extina, Xolegel, and Kuric. The biggest potential drawback with either of these ingredients is dryness and irritation (and FYI, these side effects can also occur on your scalp if you're using a dandruff shampoo as intended). How often can you use it: You don't need to wash your face with a dandruff shampoo daily—two to three times per week is sufficient, says Greenfield. I already cleared up my ccs before but I switched up my routine for a better one but there's still some bumps that wouldnt go away. Lancer's Clarifying Detox Mask with … How is your skin? It can also be used to control the streptococcus and staphyloccus bacteria. You may use another non-comedogenic shampoo in-between uses. "It's considered a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that you make the decision based on traditional medications not helping, and anti-fungal medications working," he says. I've been using that and it's helping my fungal acne situation + is much gentler on my skin :). Now that it's all cleared up because of the head and shoulders I only ever use it when I get reaccurence, so not that often. "There are many etiologies for acne, one type being more of a fungal infiltration in the sweat glands, which causes inflammation around the hair follicles and these glands," says Greenfield. See on Amazon. Fungal acne is not your typical kind of breakout. Dermatologists Say This $15 Shampoo Could Clear Your Fungal Acne, The Best Men's Dandruff Shampoos for a Flake-Free Scalp, How to Treat and Prevent Hairline Acne, According to Dermatologists, How to Get Rid of Facial Dandruff, the Skin Condition You Didn't Know About. Have you read this blog post? It has a chemical called Pyrithione Zinc which is the body that fights off the acne and redness. "This ensures it will have enough contact time with the skin." Ketoconazole and selenium sulfide are also used for treating seborrhea (a red, itchy rash) and tinea versicolor, a fungal infection of the skin. The key is making sure you give those anti-fungal ingredients enough time to do their job. As such, Zeichner advises that those with dry or sensitive skin proceed with caution and start slowly. Acne can come from many different reasons, including clogged pores, excessive oil production and hormones. Rachel is a board-certified dermatologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Dermatology. The technical term for this condition is pityrosporum folliculitis; according to Zeichner, "It typically occurs in warm and humid weather, where more sweat and oil get trapped on your skin. This creates an environment that allows fungi to grow to higher than usual levels, which drives inflammation in the skin." 3. First, make sure that the shampoo you chose does in fact contain the targeted ingredients: Pyrithione zinc can be found in the Head and Shoulders Classic Clean Daily Shampoo ($6). According to aesthetician Fern Burg, “Clients often come in with what looks like a rash – small, white bumps that are often irritated and itchy. The hair on the body and the scalp grow out of hair follicles. My skins good but I just went off birth control so I have some cystic currently, but no fungal since i discovered this method, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SkincareAddiction community, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It's thought that the same type of fungus (a yeast known as malassezia) that causes dandruff is what is present here, he adds, hence why these anti-fungal ingredients can be helpful for your skin. How did you use it as a mask? Free & clear has a zinc shampoo that is much more mild, plus fragrance and sulfate free! Anti-dandruff products contain zinc pyrithione which kills yeast and fungus healping to ease both flaky scalps and acne. Credit pyrithione zinc and selenium sulfide, two of the active ingredients most commonly found in dandruff shampoo.
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