For technical issues, or comments related to any information presented on this site please email us. Please see the application materials for your specific program of interest for further information. Vision. Established in 1939, HKU Faculty of Science strives for excellence in both research and teaching, takes the lead to be the pioneer of knowledge exchange. have fewer than 24 credit hours of post-secondary study (i.e. The Faculty of Health Sciences is dedicated to achieving excellence and advancing health through leadership in education in the health sciences, discovery, innovation, research and exemplary health delivery services. If you are planning to apply directly to the Faculty of Science, you will require: 1. Our work is supported by nearly ninety permanent academic … This is considered ‘advanced entry’ to a faculty or program. The rules regarding assessment of second degree students will vary between programs. are entering from high school and have never attended post-secondary studies. Admission to the Faculty of Science is competitive, and averages vary by degree type. The Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science do not require an application from University 1, but students must meet specific entrance conditions prior to being able to transit to either faculty. See the Faculty of Science Applicant Information Bulletin for more info. Once you are admitted to the Bachelor of Science (General) you can declare your program of interest before registration. This approach allows you to study multiple subject areas, or focus on a specific path. Welcome to the Faculty of Science With the opportune creation of the Faculty of Science in February 1989 of the University of Mauritius, Government had rightly foreseen our present need for graduates adaptable to a wide range of jobs and able to identify new areas of advance. they have been evaluated, but are not currently valid. Fall term (September) - ... (ELP) - in addition to meeting the general admission requirements for their program of choice. Three Years Full-Time Five CSEC subjects (General Proficiency Grades I-III) and/or GCE O'Level/BGCSE subjects (Grades A-C) which must include English Language, Mathematics, and at least two approved laboratory science subjects AND Two double Units CAPE or 2 GCE A- Level subjects chosen from Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics and … Manitoba high school graduation, with five full credits at the Grade 12 level, in courses designated S (Specialized), G (General), or U (Dual Credit – University), with a minimum of three of these credits in S or U courses. After you finish University 1 (i.e. Admission will be based on both your National Senior Certificate and National Benchmark Test results. Department and University Information. Usually, only work completed within the last ten years will be considered for transfer credit. 5 CSEC/GCE O-Level passes including English Language, Mathematics and at least 2 science subjects and 1 other subject. If you have completed more than 24 credit hours (four full courses), have a C average overall, and have completed the necessary prerequisites, you may apply for admission to our Advanced Entry program. are entering as a mature student and have never attended post-secondary studies. A maximum of two years (60 credit hours) of credit from another recognized post-secondary institution can be applied to a University of Manitoba degree, subject to Faculty regulations and requirements. The following requirements must be completed as part of the final review process: Present a public seminar to a critical audience in the presence of the Milestone Review Panel; Written paper which demonstrates progress by the student since the Progress Review. Faculty of Science. Currently the faculty of science offers taught masters across all the Departments and our PhD's are offered as thesis only. Face coverings include surgical masks, cloth masks, scarves, or bandanas, as per the BC Center for Disease Control. ... Our research-intensive undergraduate and graduate programs allow you to work closely with internationally-renowned faculty. BSc. You can check transfer credit equivalencies on the U of M website. In addition, each undergraduate program at UM has its own set of unique admission requirements. Faculty of Science. The Faculty of Science's Undergraduate Handbook is your guide to obtaining a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts & Science degree at McGill University. To be a leader in the health development of populations in Cameroon, Africa and the World. This is the point where your previous academic work is evaluated: This information may not all be in place by the time you are to register, if this is the case for you, contact a Science Advisor. Specific admissions requirements will vary depending on program. Faculty Of Science & Technology (B.Sc.) Manitoba high school graduation, with five full credits at the Grade 12 level, in courses designated S (Specialized),... 2. Academic Programmes The Personal Profile is your chance to give us additional evid… Faculty Admission Requirements for the Faculty of Science. We are thankful to be welcome on these lands in friendship. Canada V5A 1S6. Faculty Requirements. Our new Neuroscience program investigates the development, structure, and function of the brain and nervous system. Program-specific admission requirements. A minimum 85% average over the following, with no less than 60% in each course: Thousands of new students each year begin in U1, including those who: University 1 offers a unique approach to your first year of university studies, giving you the opportunity to design an individualized schedule that meets the admission and/or first year requirements for one or more target degree programs. Faculty of Science The Faculty of Science has nearly 1800 undergraduate and graduate students in academic programs leading to Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees, as well as a number of diplomas and certificates. The Faculty of Science offers a wide range of Bachelor of Science undergraduate programs. Applications will not be considered complete until you also answer the Personal Profile questions. © 2020 UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA. All of the courses you take in University 1 can become part of your degree program. To do so, the Undergraduate Admissions Office must consider different aspects of your high school record depending on the school system in which you studied. Bachelor of Science General, Specialization, Honors as well as our combined Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education programs allow students to focus on an area of study that fits their academic goals. An interview may be required Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Integrated Health Science (UBSINHFXU1A) The faculty has 200 postgraduate students, perusing Msc and PhD degrees. We underpin the belief that science creates impact. University 1 (U1) is one of the direct entry admission options at the University of Manitoba for incoming students. The lands we are situated on are covered by the Williams Treaties and are the traditional territory of the Mississaugas, a branch of the greater Anishinaabeg Nation, including Algonquin, Ojibway, Odawa and Pottawatomi. For all transfers, see the Faculty of Science Applicant Information Bulletin for more info, or contact a Science Advisor The rules regarding assessment of second degree students will vary between programs. We do consider applicants on a case-by-case basis who fall below 80 percent but have a strong performance in math and science. Undergraduate Admissions Guide, found at In most cases, there are no limits based on the date you completed those courses or the amount of work that can be transferred internally from one degree to another. Transferring from another U of M Faculty, 4. In brief, the admission requirements that must be met in order to register for a postgraduate degree in the Science Faculty are as follows: Honours degree: A candidate entering an Honours degree must generally have a BSc degree in the discipline in which he or she proposes to proceed to Honours. The various departments of our faculty offer a variety of study programmes in the fields of agriculture, health and natural sciences. Facebook Twitter Youtube 239 Machray Hall, 186 Dysart Road Go to Aurora to see whether your previous work has already been evaluated. Because high-school systems vary around the world our assessment practices also vary. From the atom to the universe, from the cell to the ecosystem, from the theoretical to the applied, we explore the reaches of modern science … The Faculty of Arts & Science offers a wealth of pre-university enrichment programs from conferences and academic contests to workshops and research opportunities. Read Dean's Message. We offer nationally and internationally accredited qualifications in scientific disciplines such as computer and numerical sciences, earth and life sciences, chemical and physical sciences. Students can take courses in the humanities, social sciences, and languages to fulfill the Science and Arts Requirement. Phone 778.782.6930 Ask a question Dean, Faculty of Science. 12 credits of Arts courses are required, separate from any English courses taken for the Communication Requirement. complete your first 24 to 30 credit hours), you transit to another undergraduate faculty at the University of Manitoba. University & Faculty Entry Requirements. At least 72 credits must be in Science courses. To find out what the requirements are for the program you're interested in, select your faculty, college or school in the Find admission requirements and begin your application section on this page. The faculty of Science attracts bright students and offers basic and applied science qualifications. 2. The Faculty of Science students won second place and $15,000 in the 2020 Lake Winnipeg Aquahacking Challenge, hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development in partnership with Aqua Forum, a Montreal-based organization. For all transfers, see the Faculty of Science Applicant Information Bulletin for more info, or contact a Science Advisor at Future Students Student Experience If you are seeking additional information on second degree options you should consult the admissions office at (204) 474-8808. When is admission offered? A minimum 85% average over the following, with no less than 60% in each course: If you don’t have the appropriate high school courses, or you would like to refresh your knowledge in a subject area, the University offers the following preparatory courses that qualify you for your university-level courses. as well as the relevant Faculty Entry Requirements - Science and Technology . Resources, support, and advising are all provided remotely. Faculty of Science. and to see how it fits into a Science degree. To be eligible to transfer credits: you must be in good academic standing (no unserved suspensions); you must have no more than 36 credit hours of F grades; and, if you are not a Canadian citizen, you may be required to show English language proficiency. For information about admission requirements for the B.Sc., please refer If you are planning to apply directly to the Faculty of Science, you will require: 1. Visit the web site of the UWI St. Augustine Faculty of Science and Technology . Both University 1 and direct entry students have access to the First-Year Centre – the on-campus office dedicated to first year students. a) Five (5) CSEC/GCE O- level English Language, Mathematics, Physics and 2 other (Technical or Science related) subjects PLUS GCE A-level Mathematics, Physics and one other relevant subject OR Six (6) CAPE Units including Physics Units I and II, Mathematics Units … See details Transferring from another post secondary institution, Faculty of Science Applicant Information Bulletin, Copyright Solutions for Instructors and Faculty, Pre-Calculus Math 40S (recommended) or Applied Math 40S, and, One of: Biology 40S, Chemistry 40S, Computer Science 40S, and Physics 40S. Materials Science Admission and Degree Requirements. If some of your courses are not on the Aurora table, it may mean that: If not currently evaluated, be prepared to provide course information. If you have been awarded a first degree by the University of Manitoba, a maximum of up to two years (60 credit hours) may be considered for credit towards your second degree, subject to program applicability. The Faculty of Science prides itself on the high regard in which it is held by the international academic community, reflected in part by international world university and subject rankings. F grades will be transferred if the course bears credit at the U of M. Program highlight. have attended another university or college, but have not completed a full year of study elsewhere). Programs, Courses & University Regulations Fall 2020–Summer 2021, Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2020-2021 (last updated Aug. 24, 2020) (, Faculty of Science—2020-2021 (last updated Aug. 24, 2020) (, About the Faculty of Science (Undergraduate), Chemistry and Biology would be an asset. For programs in the Faculty of Science, we typically require a minimum 80 percent average to be considered for admission. If you have been awarded a first degree by another recognized post-secondary institution, a maximum of up to two years (60 credit hours) may be considered for credit towards your second degree, subject to program applicability. If you have completed courses in another faculty at the University of Manitoba they can be transferred, subject to Faculty regulations and requirements. If you have completed courses in a recognized post-secondary institution, they can be transferred, subject to Faculty regulations and requirements. 3. (for Food Science and Technology major, there is a separate set of requirements – refer below to BSc (For FST major) 12 MCs from three distinct subject groups outside the group (s) under which the major falls. Developed in consultation with leading businesses and industry, Ontario Tech University's innovative Science programs adhere to our interdisciplinary ethos and emphasize the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the evolving 21st-century workplace. PHONE: 204-474-8256 FAX: 204-474-7618 We have over 3000 students in the whole faculty the majority of which are undergraduate. The Faculty of Science is a vibrant, dynamic and diverse community where new technologies are developed and applied to improve the quality of all life on earth. 8888 University Drive Burnaby, B.C. Faculty of Science—2020-2021 (last updated Aug. 24, 2020) Back to top. For the admission to the Faculty of Science & Agriculture , applicants must obtain the National Senior Certificate endorsed for degree studies, meet the required admission point score and satisfy specified subject requirements. Alumna and cancer researcher Kimberly Badal (BSc ’12) received a Bryden Alumni Award from York University in the One to Watch category. University of Namibia Private Bag 13301 Windhoek, Namibia. At all times the intention is to provide a fair evaluation. The Undergraduate Science Centre (USC) is the home of all undergraduate student support in the Faculty of Science: Science student advising, program coordination, the Science Internship Program, Science Engagement programs and student events. Students seeking additional information on second degree options should consult the admissions office at (204) 474-8808. FACULTY OF SCIENCE, OFFICE OF THE DEAN Archaeology spans both the Sciences and the Social Sciences/Humanities and, as such, makes an excellent general subject for undergraduates majoring in other subjects in either the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Humanities. If you haven’t yet completed 24 hours, you can apply to U1 or to General Studies in the Extended Education Division. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 The use of face coverings will be required outside of individual offices or labs in all Faculty of Science buildings – this includes bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, elevators, and all common spaces. information posted on the SOUSA website at Don't hesitate to ask for advice! Read the Handbook in conjunction with the eCalendar, which is the definitive authority on all courses and programs at McGill. Undergraduate > Registration > Interfaculty Transfer BSc (Hons) Faculty of Science Dawson Hall Alumni spotlight. Learn more about transiting from University 1 to the Faculty of Science or Faculty … Grades are one indicator of academic preparation. For information about interfaculty transfers, refer to University Regulations and Resources > to the Undergraduate Science Centre.
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