No fear, well I could have killed him, but i didn’t, I shot the ground in front of him throwing dirt all over and he ran with a purpose. Your chicken coop should have a solid, predator proof flooring. As a result, this will assist you in determining what steps you need to take in order to keep your flock safe. Yes, an electric fence will work against raccoons if you set it up such that the raccoon will have to come into contact with the wire in order to enter the coop and run. Then cover it up? I was working on my coop, chickens started running to the other side of the run, I started looking for a hawk. Inspect your chicken coop and run each day, making sure there aren’t any signs of varmints burrowing or tunneling underneath the fence. Possums, skunks and snakes wouldn’t mind stealing some eggs and chicks, too. It’s much more difficult to keep chickens safe when allowed to roam beyond the coop and run, and I’ll be posting about that in the future. Last fall just before sunset we lost our little flock to coyotes! The following are my best recommendations for predator-proofing chickens based on my experiences. Chicken killers will come knocking on the walls to get in and can’t, they will try and dig under the walls. Lauren Arcuri. I have a dog yard from the previous owner and don’t have a dog. We are new to having chickens and not sure what it could be. You’ll read this a lot of Backyard Chickens forum, too, that necropsy failed to determine the cause of death. In winter they have a heat lamp even if they don’t need it its there for them in the corner. Now, my neighbor has lived beside us for two years and says she has lost over 200 chickens to foxes! A few evenings ago, we were putting the hens into the smaller run and a copperhead Snake slide right in WITH ME THERE! Secure the hardware cloth with screws and washers, and space them closely enough to keep openings less than 1/2 inch. Because they probably are. I just lost one of my girls her name was ruby the raisen hawk. Pingback: Chickenpalooza! With owls, Fox, coyote, hawks, raccoons and crows in my area, an electric fence has been our best defense. Problem solved! Just wanted to let anyone know who is curious that the electric wire seems to have been just the thing to deter anything that would dig. When a predator like a … Chicken wire is not adequate. One owl got caught in our electric fence and my son turned off the fence and freed the owl. The city has a ton of racoons. She’s never offered to bite anything but the bear that came through and she sent him packing. Animals, especially clever predators, quickly learn that all those voices aren’t really there, probably because they expect to smell multiple people in association with the different voices, but they don’t. Though we’ve never lost a girl to a predator, we’ve lived in the city until a few months ago. It’s worth rising to that challenge, however, and it’s not difficult if you understand what you’re up against. We have never had them around our home until recently. Should we make a closed area for when we are not with the chickens during daytime ? When it’s underground, though, it’s moist almost constantly, which is why it breaks down quickly. Anyway, Im glad you found this article helpful. They’re clever as heck, and their front paws are like tiny human hands. And how does one dig in the hardest of dirt? This oil hurts your skin if you get any fume on your skin. Thanks for all the good info!! Mar 2, 2017 - What are your suggestions for a predator proof chicken run? Welcome to Southern Chicken Coops! Outdoor feeders, however, attract wild birds and animals, and that is asking for trouble. Instead, use 1/2 … To prevent them from being able to do that, wire meshing is also placed around the perimeter. Use half inch hardware cloth for … Sort by reaction score Thread starter RoyalChick; Start date Dec 24, 2019; Tags predator proofing; 1; 2; Next. Sorry about that owl incident, but I’m glad that you’re thinking about tightening up security rather than killing predators. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}). Definitely Yes Votes: 0 0.0% Yes, with some supplemental poultry netting or hardware cloth Votes: 3 75.0% Maybe Votes: 0 0.0% NO Votes: 0 0.0% What the?? ANSWER: Thanks for your support! My birds have a super secure cyclone fenced coop and run inside a fenced back yard with plenty of space and I came home to 9 of my 11 young pullets dropped dead on the coop floor yesterday! If you choose to bury cinder blocks, there must be no spaces between them through which animals can dig, and the cinder block skirt must extend to at least 18 inches from the perimeter of the coop/run. Janet is completely correct, you probably will never forget. Boy, was I wrong. We're glad you took time to visit our site and we invite you to contact Carolina Coops for detailed information or answers to your questions. Poor thing. Not sure the radio is helping, though. – Hardesty Haus. The sheeting is held tightly down with 6″ metal, horseshoe shaped landscaping nails. I am now re-planning my entire layout. They are rectangles of pressure treated wood covered with chicken wire. Skunks,racoons, woodchucks,I am sure there are foxes and I have seen coyotes and hawks. What does it look like? I understand predation and respect the predators, I just don’t want them getting MY chickens. Thanks, Pingback: Rainy Day Blues – My Best Island Life. Animals. We have 3 wires running between 1 and 4 feet off the ground. It can happen, but it’s not common. My husband and I are new’ish to small scale farming and becoming more self-sustainable. Then we had to figure out how it got in and add some more safety measures. Perhaps most predators don’t dig as enthusiastically as rabbits, but I wouldn’t want to chance it. Pet Health. Predators abound in and around a homestead, and they’re all after your chickens. I will also not put another chick on the porch without me sitting out there with them. This is a custom chicken coop, photos above show one of several set up configurations. I had one bird obviously ill for weeks, but no one could pin a diagnosis on her symptoms so we got a necropsy when she died. Took 3 inch decking screws or nails, ( I use both ) and screwed our nailed them 3 inches apart across the entire board. And if you really don’t want nighttime predators to be around your coop in the first place, what really works for me is this thing I bought on Amazon called Predator Guard. We had quite a problem with a weasel. We are getting ready to build our first coop. If you’re going to make an apron, you have to pay close attention to the corners where you attach the fencing material together (the seam). They are such delicate little creatures, and we can’t always anticipate. Deter both clever opportunists with a padlock. How the coop apron works is when an animal tries to dig underneath your chicken coop or run, they’re not going to dig at the outskirt of the apron. Well……I see there is no way to attach a picture. There’s no way animals can rip the seam apart. Chicken killers will come knocking on the walls to get in and can’t, they will try and dig under the walls. My chicks are still in the garage waiting to go into their new home when temps are above 50*. Did you know they make automatic pop door openers where you can set the time for them to open and close? They can be separated every day in order to drag the tractors to the next spot. I have a plastic baby pool that I also wrapped chicken wire around to keep them secure and what I thought was safe. Go. To keep the seam secure, I used hog rings and a hog ring plier (I got Ion Hogring Kit from Amazon) to fasten the fencing material where it overlaps. Thank you, Anna, I’m glad you appreciated the post. Here’s a great video tutorial on how to properly install a predator apron: It scares them and makes them stay away from your yard. The coop apron is a lot easier than digging straight down, 12 to 18 inches, and trying to bury the fencing material into the ground. A coop apron will resolve digging by large predators outside your coop. Not all of them are inclined to try. I built my coop on the ground and I believe my chickens dug a bit around the door and the marten got under it and when I woke up in the morning they had all been slautered. We got it on craigslist. I decided to take a chance on this working on the door for the bear. This is a custom chicken coop, photos above show one of several set up configurations. Reinforcement to exclude weasels was definitely a good idea. How to Buy Our Coops; About Our Coops; Predator Apron; Chicken Keeping FAQ; Follow Us . In that first year without an incident, we had a rooster. The bonus here is that when the sun hits that metal sheeting – it reflects dramatic flashes – up at the hawks that are occasionally circling the area in the daytime. But hope for the best. Both are protected species and need strong preventative measures to keep them out of your chicken coop. Digging around the chicken coop. This post explains how to fortify your set-up to exclude the common poultry predators of the US. THEN, we put square-edged limestone border stones (they are loose but about 30 pounds each) around the perimeter where the coop meets the ground. perches many things to think about. You are absolutely right – bears are waking up from hibernation now, they are famished, and because there’s nothing much to eat, they go for bird feeders and chicken coops out of desperation. To deter digging predators, dig a 12” trench all the way around the perimeter of the coop and bury the hardware cloth. Pingback: Guide to Designing the Perfect Chicken Coop - One Acre Farm, Pingback: Predator Proof Your Chicken Coop And Run | Homestead & Survival. It’s okay to alter them for your needs. This post contains links to online shopping, which is a way for you to support One Acre Farm at no additional cost to you. They brazenly began stalking into my yard in the middle of the day…with barking “large” dogs at the sliding glass doors. You mention some precautions about wooden floors for a coup, but we have a concrete floor. The flooring should not be prone to rotting or decaying. My answer is steel pigeon spikes along the top of the chain link and various other areas. I have mostly trash pandas and between my spikes or wasp spray when I’m around, they hesitantly visit my coop. However, there are plenty of other animals that could penetrate a simple coop apron, as I discuss below. You can bury the apron or place landscaping material (like stones) over the apron. Can you give me references as to the “skirt and paver” method of protecting the perimeter? Use an electric screwdriver or nail gun to speed up building a coop. His crowing can be a life saving warning to the hens when a small predator lurks, but more of a dinner bell for larger predators. In addition, the second apron flays out from the run about 3 feet just below the ground surface. One of mine was always the first member of the flock to hide. Now tell me how you prevent that?! Saturday night raccoons bent back some of the hardware cloth near the roof on the back of the coop and ate all five chicks (I found the remains in the morning). They go up around the doors (so we can get in), so theoretically a bear could get in if it touched only a door.
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